Özgün Yurt (solist, arranger, composer)

He graduated from 9 September University, Izmir, Music Teaching Department. His main instrument is the cello. He also plays the piano, guitar and violin. He served as a cellist in many orchestras. He gave solo concerts. Choir and orchestra conducted. He still teaches music. He also continues to work on composition, recording and arrangement.

Aynur Senem Yurt (solist, violinist)

She graduated from Işılay Saygın Fine Arts High School. She graduated from 9 Eylül University, Music Teaching Department. The main instrument is the violin. She also plays the piano. She served as a violinist in many orchestras. She also gave many solo concerts. She still works as a music teacher.

James Maclean (lyricist, adventurer)

Originally from Australia, James partied through the 90’s before being bitten by the travel bug and setting off for new horizons. He’s never really stopped and brings unique experience to every verse he writes.